One reason why clinical trials fail to recruit and retain subjects – Poor Communication

By |February 12th, 2019|Categories: Communication, Recruitment|

Communication or lack thereof, miscommunication and poor communication. It is considered a soft skill but in clinical trials it is a critical skill. I have identified 5 stages in the clinical development cycle where communication is of critical importance. 1. Protocol development Don’t wait until your protocol is finalized before seeking input from key stakeholders such as an investigator ‘on the ground’ (not just the KOL in an academic institution), a research coordinator and a patient representative. You may not like their feedback and some of the procedures may be non-negotiable but listen to them. Isn’t better to modify the protocol now before it is finalized rather than having to do an amendment in 6 months’ time? 2. The start-up process This is when the CRO acting for the Sponsor can make a good impression. Provide clear, detailed instructions on what [...]

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